The time I catfished my neighbour?

When we were young my sister, next door neighbour and I were kind of dicks, we would come up with a nickname for our other neighbours and talk about them but one neighbour would be the butt of our jokes constantly and the name Yzma was the nickname we had given her because she reminded us of the villain in the show The Emperor's new groove. 

One day we were in our gardens just talking as usual when we had the grand idea to write her a love letter from a handsome man, so we wrote a long letter cut out Orlando Bloom's photo attached it to the paper and the letter was allbready to post but here's the thing: I don't remember if we posted the letter or not. This was such a long time ago I can't even remember, either way it wouldn't have had an affect on my neighbour because we later found out that she and the woman she was living with were actually a couple.  


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