The Time I asked out a boy 

When I was 11 years old for some reason I wanted this boy to be my boyfriend I didn’t even like this particular boy but I had it planned in my head the night before that I was going to ask him out.

I remember months prior to this he wanted a girlfriend and had his friend ask different girls (including me) out for him… everyone declined I was friendly with his older sister and her friend’s so I knew that they wouldn’t make me feel weird about it, I’m more of an awkward person now then I was before but I was still quiet shy so if I didn’t say it out loud to my friends I wouldn’t have gone through with it so I told my friends in art class that I was going to ask him out but wasn’t sure how, they shared their next lesson with him so they advised me to write a note so I wrote ‘will you go out with me?’ on a small piece of paper and drew two boxes so he could tick yes or no I hand the note to my friends and they passed it to him at some point in their lesson, after I finished my lesson I waited by the main building to hear his answer, they came outside and told me what he had said and it was the most embarrassing thing to happen to 11 year old Lisa.

He said “No I don’t even know who that is” which was strange because he’s spoken to me before but I was so embarrassed, his sister’s friend was standing nearby waiting for someone and overhead our conversation she asked me if I had asked her friend’s brother out and I lied and said no my plan was to pretend I didn’t have any part in that note, later that day I had a lesson with this boy and when he finally remembered who I was he started laughing and was poking fun at the fact that I ‘liked him’ (I didn’t so it didn’t hurt my feelings) and I spent the whole lesson denying I wrote that note pretending it was a joke and for the next 5 years his friend would remind me about this embarrassing moment and I would always deny it ever happened. 


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