A Week Of Dreams 

I don’t always remember my dreams if I wrote them down as soon as I woke up I probably would, I usually just remember the memorable ones, dreams that seemed weirdly sexual or random, I challenged myself to write down every single dream for a week.

Monday- I had a blackberry phone because I missed the keyboard but after a while I grew tired of it and for some reason my mum had to be the one to get my iPhone back, but we only had a a couple of weeks to retrieve £75 to get it back.

Tuesday- I went to Burger King because my  friend was working there and they sold crosstown doughnuts, I later met friends to go to the cinema and had to go through an elevator that had a hospital bed right in the middle, the elevator was rusty and on the verge of breaking down but it was our only way of purchasing tickets.

Wednesday- I was playing Jenga with my coworkers then later had a heart to heart about life on the rooftop of my workplace with said coworkers. 

Thursday- I was at work again I don’t know why I’m at work in my dreams, it was just a normal work day but my dad was drunk (I’ve never seen him drunk so it was weird) then it ended with my dad miraculously sobering up and with me at the dentist.

Friday- I was pregnant in my dream and the baby was kicking and moving around and you could see it’s little hands and feet moving it reminded me of this instagram video I saw but in a less demonic way, it kind of looked like this.

Saturday- A guy (the guy was famous I can’t remember who it was but i know he was well known) came up to me and he had a reptile in his hand and needed to get rid of it safely so I was asked if I knew anyone who wanted what looked like a chameleon, I wanted to feel it so for some reason the man THREW the chameleon at me instead of just putting it in my hand, I didn’t catch the chameleon and it got stuck on a tree and I lost it I felt really guilty even though i wasn’t the one who threw the thing. 

Sunday- I was at work (again) I had already finished, I was walking around looking for snacks they sold crosstown doughnuts so I was excited. Later on I was in London with a colleague and she was in desperate need of sex advice so she came to me of all people to answer her burning questions.
It was fun waking up and writing down my dreams, I had to do it as soon as I woke up otherwise I’d forget, and if my dreams have taught me anything it’s that I want crosstown doughnuts at all times.

And people who don’t dream, who don’t have any kind of imaginative life, they must… they must go nuts. I can’t imagine that.- Stephen King


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